Revenue management

Cosmocomonline TF S.L. is a modern organization that provides a range of services aimed at home and / or hotel owners, with the aim of accompanying and supporting its customers in the effective and efficient management of their real estate properties.

  • Direct management of the property

Cosmocomonline TF S.L. proposes itself as a partner in the management of real estate properties by offering the following services:

  • legal advice and guidance (rental contracts, property regularization, tax returns, administrative practices)
  • management of houses / apartments for tourist rental: management of reservations, guest check-in / check-out, customer assistance, cleaning services and personalized services.
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property.
  • Gestione O.T.A. (Online Travel Agencies)

The constant use of the web in recent years has further accentuated the role of the new tourist sales portals (O.T.A.) for accommodation facilities. The presence on the O.T.A. allows accommodation facilities to have greater international visibility on the web, increasing earnings. Today, tourist portals represent a trusted platform for travelers, who have the ability to check actual availability and rates updated in real time.

CosmoComonline TF S.L. undertakes to define a strategy and manage in a personalized way the various tourist portals where the real estate property is present (, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Expedia, etc.).

  • Booking Engine creation and development

Cosmocomonline TF S.L. creates and develops online booking systems that transform your hotel website into a direct sales channel to build customer loyalty (Booking Engine).

Having a booking engine helps the accommodation facility to reduce management times and to operate more effectively and quickly. Users who connect to the website of the accommodation can consult in real time the availability of the apartments or rooms, the rates, and subsequently book their stay independently.

The advantages for the accommodation facility of using a booking engine are:

  • personalized booking interface;
  • direct sales with zero commissions;
  • customer loyalty;
  • reduction of working times;
  • increase in bookings.

The booking engine is also an e-commerce platform designed to adapt to the needs of both individual travelers who book their holidays independently and tour operators.

  • Orientation and assistance of real estate investments in the Canary Islands

Cosmocomonline TF S.L. offers consulting services to those from Italy who wish to invest in the Canary Islands real estate market with the aim of maximizing income through the following services:

  • support in the search and choice of the property
  • technical, legal and commercial evaluations
  • verification of economic feasibility
  • mediation in the negotiation and marketing phases
  • support in the bureaucratic, legal and tax process of the purchase
  • ordinary and extraordinary management of the property.
  • Market studies and research

The long experience in the sector has allowed Cosmocomonline TF S.L. to specialize and establish itself also in the analysis of the real estate market to provide its customers with investment income projections.

Cosmocomonline TF S.L. sets itself the task of guiding its customers on the basis of studies and market research, providing information on trends, yields and the trend in market leasing and sales values.

  • Possible evaluations of advances on future bookings.

Cosmocomonline TF S.L. offers the possibility for property owners to receive the profits from future bookings and rentals in advance. Based on a careful analysis of the market and a real profit projection, an advance solution calculated on an annual basis is defined.

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