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Company in the tourist accommodation sector for over 10 years, we manage all the online back-office part for our customers with a presence in the most important booking platforms.

Back-office management

We manage the presence of the structures on the most influential social networks, with the creation and dissemination of posts relating to the structure and the most important news of the resident city.

OnLine Reputation

We pay particular attention to OnLine Reputation, managing all the feedback received on behalf of our client (structure), whether positive or Complain, and promoting the same customers to give an evaluation to the structure in the various portals.

Booking Engine

We manage the website and its Booking Engine, its channel manager, we offer prices and services with an adequate study of the territory and adaptation to the market based on the main competitors.

Communication with the customer

We manage the direct booking and the Otas, the communication with the customer until the day of check-in when he will meet the staff of the structure.


Then we manage the post check-out with the request for feedback on the various platforms and we send reminders on the dedicated days with a discount code to be used once.

Welcome management

We propose various proposals created ad hoc to the host on a weekly or monthly basis.
We propose and keep our Host customer updated, with the opportunities in the receptive way for better management, see super bonus 80%, home automation management, bathroom and bedroom construction (the real business card).

More information on the superbonus hotels

Superbonus Decree: admitted interventions, grants, incentives: implementation-of-Pnrr-e-in-Gazzetta

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